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Last updated October, 2019

Handheld vacuum cleaners have come a long way since the Dust Buster rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaner. Along with improvements in design and battery life, there are now many options on the list of best cordless vacuums available in Canada.

Our recommendations for the best stick vacuums comes from reviewing cordless vacuum reviews and sifting through listings of the different handheld vacuums that can be purchased in Canada. While doing that, as if on queue, some of the top recommended vacuums aren’t available in Canada which further re-inforces the need for this Canadian specific list of the best cordless vacuums.

Some of you might wonder why we don’t just tell you what the best Dyson stick vacuum Canada is – we do. You can find that list here. However, if you aren’t yet convinced that a Dyson is the best cordless vacuum option, then continue reading!

Best Cordless Vacuum Canada Comparisons:

Battery Life

Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex80 minutes (40 mins each battery)
Dyson V8 AbsoluteAbove Average - 40 minutes
Dyson V7 MotorheadAverage - 30 mins


Dyson V7 MotorheadLightweight - 5.45 lbs
Dyson V8 AbsoluteLight - 6 lbs
Shark Ion F80 MultiFlexHeavy - 8.7 lbs

Extra Tools

Dyson V8 Absolute3 tools and soft roller cleaner
Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex3 tools and 2 batteries

Noise Level

Dyson V7 MotorheadBelow Average - 72.6 db
Dyson V8 AbsoluteLow - 67 db


Dyson V7 Motorhead$399.99 at publication time
Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex$615 at publication time
Dyson V8 AbsoluteHigh - $679 at publication


Shark Ion F80 MultiFlexAbove Average - 5 years, 2 years on battery
Dyson V8 AbsoluteAverage - 2 years
Dyson V7 MotorheadAverage - 2 years

Suction Power

Things to consider when looking for a cordless vacuum

If you are thinking about buying the best cordless stick vacuum, please remember that they are not as reliable or long-lasting as a plug-in, more conventional vacuum. Ultimately, a portable vacuum will not be a replacement for your upright or canister vacuum. Those will still likely be pulled out for full-house cleanings, seasonal carpet beatings, and the like. However, the convenience of a cordless vacuum can not be overstated!

The cordless vacuum we have uses a charging dock that’s easy enough for our kids to dock for charging, and pull out to clean up a quick mess. Plus, it has a super-easy to empty dust bin which means that the whole process can be hands off for parents!

You have to consider what the purpose of your portable vacuum cleaner will be. If it’s for spot messes when kids track dirt onto your carpet, your needs will be different than someone who wants to vacuum up pet hair on their furniture.

Cordless vacuum battery life is also important. How often do you plan to vacuum – do you picture pulling out the vacuum multiple times a day for a couple minutes, or do you think you’ll use it nightly for a full-house clean-up? Some of the best cordless vacuum cleaners have charging docks and fast charge times. More expensive, top-of-the-line stick vacuums have long battery life without affecting suction power.

Another important consideration will be if you want the ability vacuum up liquid with your handheld vacuum. This requirement will really limit your options, but it’s important to keep in mind when searching for the best stick vacuum.

Take a moment to read some of the cordless vacuum reviews from Canadian purchasers – it’ll give you a real-life example of how the particular vacuum performs in real life.

Lastly, obviously important, is cost. How does the cost of a particular cordless vacuum in Canada compare to another? What about warranty and reliability, and how that relates to price differences? Often a cordless stick vacuum with a longer warranty will cost more, even if the vacuum doesn’t function as well.

Dyson V7 Motorhead

The Dyson V7 is the base-line model, but looks just as cool as the more expensive models, and has the same powerhead design that cleans carpets better than the competing cordless vacuum cleaners. It’s almost half the cost of the newer V10 model, with the main difference being the battery life is 30 minutes rather than the 1 hour of battery life the V10 claims.

The V8 has 15% more suction power than the V7, and the V10 has almost 40% more suction power. If you can’t afford the extra cost of a newer Dyson stick vacuum, the V7 is a reliable, strong choice.

Get the best price Dyson V7 Motorhead in Canada from:

Dyson V7 Motorhead review details:

Battery LifeAverage - 30 mins
WeightLightweight - 5.45 lbs
Extra Tools2 extra
Noise LevelBelow Average - 72.6 db
Cost$399.99 at publication time
WarrantyAverage - 2 years
Suction Power100 AW

Our Experience

After searching through countless sites trying to determine the best cordless vacuum available in Canada, the Dyson V7 Motorhead was the stick vacuum that my family ultimately decided to buy. For us, it was the perfect balance of features, reliability and durability from the Dyson brand, and also at a reasonable cost.

Our only regret is that the v7 cordless vacuum doesn’t come with a hardfloor cleaning head, like the V8 absolute does. A little bit of research online turns up that you can buy a brand new, Dyson soft roller head for about $100. Even with that extra cost, it would still be $100-$200 cheaper than the V8 Absolute that comes with the hardwood floor cleaning head. It might be an option to consider if you are trying to keep costs down, and a V7 motorhead stick vacuum has all of the features you need, and all of the battery life desired.

Helpful Habitat ranked the Dyson V7 Motorhead as the #3 on their list claiming it was the 'Great choice, if not bound by a budget' in their product review. [August 2019]
They really like the Dyson V8, which is the successor to the V7 cordless vacuum Canada, but for the price, they like the Tineco A10. Plus, their complaint about the Dyson is you need to hold a switch on as long as you are vacuuming, rather than just a switch that is turned on or off.

WireCutter ranked the Dyson V7 Motorhead as the #1 on their list claiming it was the 'Our Pick' in their product review. [July 2019]
The thicker the rug, the greater the Dyson's advantage over the competition

Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex

The Shark ION series are almost the anti-Dyson of the cordless vacuum world. While the Dyson has a built in battery that puts the vacuuming temporarily on hold while it charge, the Shark cordless vacuum Canada comes with 2 batteries that are charged separate from the vacuum. The Shark cordless vacuums also have an off/on switch (rather than a press-and-hold-trigger), and they can stand up on their own, while the Dyson needs to lie down. If you don’t like Dyson for some reason, the Shark ION series cordless vacuum is a great choice.

Get the best price Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex in Canada from:

Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex review details:

Battery Life80 minutes (40 mins each battery)
WeightHeavy - 8.7 lbs
Extra Tools3 tools and 2 batteries
Noise LevelLow - 69 db
Cost$615 at publication time
WarrantyAbove Average - 5 years, 2 years on battery
Suction Power120 AW

WireCutter ranked the Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex as the #4 on their list claiming it was the 'Also Great' in their product review. [July 2019]
Works well on bare floors and short rugs

Helpful Habitat ranked the Shark Ion F80 MultiFlex as the #2 on their list [August 2019]
Excellent Cordless Vacuum with innovative features

Dyson V8 Absolute

The Dyson V8 is like a V7 on steroids! It has a longer battery life than the V7 cordless vacuum, more suction power because of the version 8 motor (hence the V8 name), and more cleaning tools. It does cost more than the V7, but if you need maximum suction and long battery life, the V8 cordless vacuum is the top-rated vacuum in Canada.

Get the best price Dyson V8 Absolute in Canada from:

Dyson V8 Absolute review details:

Battery LifeAbove Average - 40 minutes
WeightLight - 6 lbs
Extra Tools3 tools and soft roller cleaner
Noise LevelLow - 67 db
CostHigh - $679 at publication
WarrantyAverage - 2 years
Suction Power115 AW

WireCutter ranked the Dyson V8 Absolute as the #2 on their list claiming it was the 'Runner Up' in their product review. [July 2019]
It's the best equipped cordless vacuum that comes with long battery life, and extra attachments for carpet, bare floors, upholstery etc.

HelpfulHabitat ranked the Dyson V8 Absolute as the #3 on their list claiming it was the '4-way tie for 3rd Place' in their product review. [August 2019]
The only reason the V8 didn't make the top of the list is because it's expensive - otherwise, it would be the best cordless stick vacuum Canada. It has a 40-minute battery life, a whole machine HEPA filter in a compact and lightweight design

The V10 is Dyson's replacement model for the V8 cordless vacuum. It has some new design features, but unless you have a large house that needs a longer battery run time, or deep carpets that require stronger suction, the V8 will do just fine. However, if you can find the cordless V10 vacuum on sale for close to the same price as the V8, then definitely upgrade to the V10!

Dyson V10 Motorhead

Difficulties with Cordless Vacuum Reviews

Part of the problem with trying to rank and choose the best cordless vacuum, is that one or two experiences singled out do a bad job of giving the overall picture of a particular cordless vacuum brand or model.

For example. some people who have bought a Dyson stick vacuum have been disappointed with the reliability and have had to return it or deal with warranty claims. Consumer Reports even knocks Dyson for their reliability. On the other end of the spectrum are the Dyson evangelists, that, even if they had a cordless vacuum that stopped working, I think they would still shout from the rooftops that Dyson is the king!

Others purchase the cheaper Shark ION or other bugdet handheld vacuums, and then realize there are other aspects of the vacuum that they never considered. Things like ergonomics, and balance of the vacuum. Things like whether or not the cordless vacuum has a whole house filter, and how often and how easy it is to clean the filter.

Pro Tips for Choosing the Best Cordless Stick Vacuum in Canada

Here are some final thoughts to help guide you in your choice, in no particular order:

  1. Overall, the cordless vacuum market is fairly new, and statistics for long-term reliability don’t really exist. However, anecdotally, cordless vacuums really only last 2-3 years (that’s likely why 2 years is the standard warranty period). Keep that in mind as you consider how much you are willing to spend. If you buy a $1000 top of the line cordless vacuum cleaner and it lasts only 2-3 years, that’s a cost of $1 to $1.30 a day.
  2. Consider who will be using the handheld vacuum. If your children, or someone elderly, or with arthritis, then overall weight and balance of the machine will matter more to you. These groups of people are the ones that are usually unhappy with the press-and-hold trigger on the Dyson vacuums as opposed to the ‘turn on’ style switches that some competing vacuums have.
  3. Don’t look at even the best cordless stick vacuum and think it will replace a plug-in corded vacuum – it won’t. Suction power, simplicity of design, and longevity are all better in a classic vacuum. However, if you’re looking for a cordless handheld vacuum to assist inbetween deep cleanings, that’s what they were designed for. The convenience of pulling the stick vacuum off of the charging dock, zipping around and picking up big crumbs, and plugging it back in all within a minute or two really does make quick pick-up jobs easier.
  4. Some cordless drill companies, like Ryobi, are starting to come out with cordless stick vacuums that use the same batteries as their cordless powertool lineups. If you already have some power tools and batteries, you could end up saving money by getting one of their cordless vacuums

Think we’ve missed something? Do you have a cordless vacuum? If so, how is it? Let us know in the comments below.

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